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Nutrient-dense foods delivered to your neighborhood
that you can be confident feeding to your family 


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Chicken still in stock!

We are planning to have the inventory for this year updated early November, but we still have product in stock!

If you would like to be notified once new inventory goes live, 
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Due to continued demand for local processing, we are having
trouble getting beef or pork in stock. Be sure to check back in the future for those products.

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Every purchase you make is an investment into the health of your family, the community, and the land.



"Pastured poultry goes beyond a label; it’s a community and a movement of

farmers and eaters who intentionally
choose a better way for the land, the chickens, and the people." - APPPA


How Your Food Is Raised


All of our poultry are raised on our family pasture, giving them the ability to bask in the sun, hunt bugs, and scratch in the dirt. 

How It Works

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Healthy land. Healthy animals. Healthy you!


We are a young family that believes the health of the soil, plant, animal, and man are connected,
so healthy living starts with how we raise our food.


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